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On the Trail of The Old West Then and Now


by Winston Ramsey

The Old West may have faded from living memory but the actual locations where the robberies and shoot-outs took place can still be found over one hundred years later. In the pages of On the Trail of the Old West Then and Now, we glimpse the past through contemporary newspaper reports, illustrated with comparison ‘then and now’ photographs. Here are towns like Dodge City and Tombstone and the stories of the clashes between lawmen and the badmen, with grim details of lawlessness, violence, and harsh frontier justice meted out by vigilante committees, to recall a timeless era of American history — ‘the Wild West!’

SIZE 8¼"×8½" — 204 Pages — Over 375 Colour and Black and White Illustrations

ISBN: 9 781870 067867 — Price: £14.95

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