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Issues 1-25

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Issue 1

ISSUE No. 1 (Code A001) NORMANDY- The Allied landings in France in June 1944. Personality - Colonel James Stewart. Preservation - Joe Lyndhurst Collection - of Military Vehicles United Kingdom - Cabinet War Rooms - the British Government's underground wartime Headquarters. War Film - Battle of Britain. Wreck Recovery - Wreck investigation in the Welsh Mountains - the crash of a USAAF C-47B Skytrain. It Happened Here - Oradour sur Glane - the massacre in this French village by the Waffen SS in June 1944.

Issue 2

ISSUE No. 2 (Code A002) ARNHEM - The airborne landings in Holland in September 1944. Nuremberg - The Rallies - The Battle - The Trial. Personality - Major Glenn Miller. Preservation - Royal Small Arms Pattern Room - The British Government's firearms collection at its original location at Enfield. United Kingdom & War Film - The escapes of Franz von Werra - as portrayed in the film The One That Got Away. Wreck Recovery - Raising the XE8 Midget Submarine off Portland in the English Channel.

ISSUE No. 3 (Code A003) THE RUHR DAMS RAID - The attack on the German Ruhr Dams in May, 1943 which became famously known as "The Dam Busters Raid". DUNKIRK - The Evacuation of the beaches at Dunkirk in 1940. Personality & War Film - Lieutenant Audie Murphy and the film To Hell and Back. England - Post-war Bomb and mine Disposal in England. Preservation - Mementos of the Mighty - A personal collection of memorabilia. Wreck Recovery - Capture of the U-505 now on display in Chicago.

Issue 4

ISSUE No. 4 (Code A004)

THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE The German attack in the Ardennes in December 1944. Personality - Lieutenant-Colonel David Niven. Preservation - Battle of Britain Memorial Flight from its formation in 1957 on. England - Britain's offshore forts - The Navy and Army forts around the coast of England. War Film - The Longest Day- Darryl F. Zanack's classic masterpiece made in 1962. Wreck Recovery - Brenzett Museum - An aeronautical collection in Kent.

Issue 5

ISSUE No. 5 (Code A005)

DIEPPE - The Allied attack on the French port in August 1942. Personality - Lieutenant Richard Todd. Preservation - Adolf Hitler's Mercedes-Benz - on display at the Canadian War Museum, Ottowa. Special - Return to Normandy - 30th Anniversary visit to the invasion coast by the Military Vehicle Conservation Group. It Happened Here - Fort Eben-Emael - The Belgian fortress captured by German paras in May 1940.

Issue 6

ISSUE No. 6 (Code A006)

THE V-WEAPONS The Fi 103 - the V1, A4 rocket - the V2, Operation Backfire, The V3, The V4. Personality - Captain Douglas Fairbanks. England - The Unknown Warrior - the story of Britain's unkown soldier buried in Westminster Abbey. Wreck Recovery - Heinkel He 111E recovery from Norway.

Issue 7

ISSUE No. 7 (Code A007)

THE LAST DAYS OF MUSSOLINI - Revisiting the locations covering the last days of the Italian dictator. Personality - Admiral of the Fleet Prince Philip. Preservation - Keele Air Photo Library - The RAF's collection of wartime vertical air photos. England - Patton at Knutsford - Correcting an injustice to the flamboyant American general. War Film - The Photography of Patton - The classic 1969 movie featuring George C. Scott. Wreck Recovery - P-47 Thunderbolt Recovery in Lancashire in 1973. It Happened Here - The Death of George S. Patton - investigation into the car crash in December 1945. Where Are They Now? - Patton's vehicles.

Issue 8

ISSUE No. 8 (Code A008)

THE BATTLE OF THE FALAISE POCKET - The end of the German armies in Normandy. Preservation - The Confederate Air Force - The warbirds museum at Harlingen, Texas. Wreck Recovery - The Roudeix Collection relics recovered from the Falaise battlefield. It Happpened Here - Rommel's Accident following an air attack on his vehicle. Where Are They Now? - Admiral Yamamoto and his G4M 'Betty' - The death of the architect of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Issue 9

ISSUE No. 9 (Code A009)

OBERSALZBERG- Full description of the buildings at Hitler's mountain retreat. Where Are They Now? - Göring's 'Vermeer' - What happened to the Dutch Master from Goring's art collection. Personality - Lieutenant John F. Kennedy - Wartime career of the future American President. War Film - PT-109 - The 1963 film of the sinking of Kennedy's motor torpedo boat. Preservation - Overloon The National War and Resistance Museum of the Netherlands. It Happened Here - Hitler at Landsberg the prison in Bavaria where he was held following the 'Beer Hall Putsch'.

Issue 10

ISSUE No. 10 (Code A010)

MALTA - The story of the George Cross island during WWII. It Happened Here - The Italian Naval Attack on Grand Harbour in Valletta, Malta. Preservation - The Malta Scene - Relics on Malta and the opening of the war museum in 1975. Personality - Flight Lieutenant Ian Smith - The wartime story of the Rhodesian Prime Minister. War Film - The Dam Busters 1975 sequel - The making of the 1954 film starring Richard Todd. Wreck Recovery - The recovery of one of the bouncing bombs at Reculver in Kent and The Battle of Britain Museum at Chilham Castle, plus the excavation of a No. 19 Squadron Spitfire by the Essex Historical Aircraft Society on the 35th Anniversary of the crash.

Issue 11

ISSUE No. 11 (Code A011)

GERMAN SPIES IN BRITAIN First World War, Second World War, Table of Double agents, The unlucky sixteen, Jan Willem Ter Braak. It Happened Here - The Venlo Incident - The capture of Major Stevens and Captain Best in the Dutch border town. Preservation - The Australian Military Vehicle Collectors' Society. Wreck Recovery - Shipwrecks The Richard Montgomery off Sheerness and German battleships in Scapa Flow. Personality - Major Clark Gable - The wartime career of the famous film star. War Film - Vera, the Beautiful Spy - TV documentary made by After the Battle on the landing of the first German spies who landed in Scotland.

Issue 12

ISSUE No. 12 (Code A012)

THE VOLKSWAGEN STORY - The story of Hitler's 'Peoples Car'. Personality - Lieutenant-Commander Peter Scott - Wartime biography of the son of Scott of the Antarctic. Preservation - America's Preserved Warships - The Yorktown, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Olympia. Wreck Recovery - Wreckology in Holland - The recovery of aircraft by the Royal Netherlands Airforce. United Kingdom - The Secret Underground Railway Executive H.Q in London. War Film - It Happened Here - The film made in the 1950s by Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo about the German occupation of Britain. It Happened Here - The Battle of Takrouna - The battle in Tunisia in April 1943.

Issue 13

ISSUE No. 13 (Code A013)

THE BATTLES FOR CASSINO - Described by Colonel John H. Green. The First Battle, The Second Battle, The Third Battle, The Fourth Battle, The German Attack on the Castle and the Cavendish Road Tank Attack. Cassino Battlefield Tour - A guide to touring the Cassino Battlefield. Personality - Oberjäger Max Schmeling - The first European World Boxing Champion. United States - The WWII Historical Re-enactment Society. Wreck Recovery - Polish Hurricane at Loughton, Essex - Wilf Nicoll tells the story of the last flight of Flying Officer Marian Pisarek. Preservation - The Royal Artillery Quad - now on display at Bovington. It Happened Here - The Bruneval Raid - One of the first Commando raids on the coast of France.

Issue 14

ISSUE No. 14 (Code A014)

PARIS - The Surrender, The Armistice, Hitler in Paris, The Occupation, The Battle of Paris, The Liberation, Victory! It Happened Here - Himmler's Suicide - The apprehension and death of the Reichsführer-SS. United Kingdom - British Invasion Defences of WWII. Preservation - War Graves - British, American, French and Japanese Cemeteries

Issue 15

ISSUE No. 15 (Code A015)

TARAWA AND OPERATION GALVANIC By William Bartsch, covering Funafuti Atoll, Nukufetau Atoll, Nanomea Atoll, Tarawa Atoll, Makin Atoll, Abemama Atoll. War Film - The Battle of Midway - The 1976 movie. Personality - Major Anthony Quayle. It Happened Here - Massacre at Le Paradis - The massacre of 97 soldiers of the Royal Norfolk Regiment in May 1940. Wreck Recovery - D-Day sequel at Graye-sur-Mer - The recovery of a Churchill AVRE in 1976.

Issue 16

ISSUE No. 16 (Code A016)

CROSSING THE RHINE - The Ludendorff Railway Bridge, General Patton steals the glory, Operation Plunder, Winston Churchill visits the Rhine, Fourth crossing - the Third do it again, The seventh Army at Worms, Patton's hat-trick and De Gaulle comes in last. War Film - The Bridge at Remagen - David Wolpur's classic movie made in Czechoslovakia in 1968. Wreck Recovery - The Swedish Hampden - The recovery of No. 144 Squadron's AE436. It Happened Here - The CDLs of Lowther Castle - The secret Canal Defence Light tanks at Lowther Castle.

Issue 17

ISSUE No. 17 (Code A017)

HIMMLER'S SECRET GRAVE REVISITED - The revelation behind the secret burial of Heinrich Himmler. It Happened Here - Prelude to Operation Market Garden - Breaching the Meuse-Escaut Canal defences. War Film - A Bridge Too Far - A detailed account of the making of Richard Attenborough's classic movie in 1975. Wreck Recovery - The Search for the X5 - The attempt to locate and recover a British Midget submarine in Kaafjord, Norway by the British Sub-Aqua Club in 1974. Personality - Lieutenant Kenneth More. England - German Prisoners-of-War in England.

Issue 18

ISSUE No. 18 (Code A018)

THE BATTLE FOR SAN PIETRO - Reconnaissance, The First Attack, The Second Attack, The Tank Attack, The Final Attack and San Pietro Today. War Film - Mosquito Film Stars - The aircraft used in the making of 633 Squadron. Wreck Discovery - The Wartime Solomons - An investigation of wreck's and relics on these Pacific Islands. United Kingdom - Largest Wartime Explosions - Silvertown, London, 1917, Fauld, Staffordshire, 1944. It Happened Here - Crossing the Seine at Vernon - The British Second Army operation in August 1944. Preservation - RMASC Centaur - The recovery of a Centaur in Normandy by 7 Field Workshop, REME in 1975.

Issue 19

ISSUE No. 19 (Code A019)

GUIDE TO HITLER'S HEADQUARTERS Compiled by R. Raiber, M.D. The Führersonderzug, FHQu 'Felsennest', 'Felsennest' today, FHQu 'Wolfsschlucht', 'Wolfsschlucht' today, FHQu 'Tannenberg', 'Tannenberg' today, FHQu 'Fruelingssturm', By rail to Moenichkirchen, FHQu 'Wolfsschanze', The Assassination attempt - July 20, 1944, 'Wolfsschanze' today. The other Eastern, Führerhauptquartiere, FHQu 'Wolfsschlucht 2', 'Wolfsschlucht 2' today, FHQu 'Adlerhorst', 'Adlerhorst' today, Fate of the Führersonderzug.

Issue 20

ISSUE No. 20 (Code A020)

THE DEATH OF GENERAL SIKORSKI Search and Salvage, The Funeral, The Controversy, The Last Journey. War Film - Twelve o'clock High - James H. Farmer tells the story of the making of the 1949 film made in Florida portraying the Eighth Air Force. Personality - Lieutenant General Moshe Dayan. Preservation - Monty's Wartime Caravans - Field-Marshal Bernard Montgomery's Headquarters vehicles. It Happened Here - Airfield Construction in Holland - Eindhoven, Volkel, Grave, De Rips, Heesch, Helmond, Petit Brogel and Mill. Wreck Recovery - Scrapyard Panther - The discovery of a Panther V in a Surrey scrapyard in 1977. United Kingdom - Fairchild UC-61K Argus 43-15025 - The history of a military light monoplane restored by After the Battle.

Issue 21

ISSUE No. 21 (Code A021)

THE WAR IN GIBRALTAR - Historical Background, Construction of the Airfield, The Tunnels, Operation 'Felix' - the Invasion of Gibraltar, Gibraltar at war, The Italian Underwater attacks against Gibraltar.

Issue 22

ISSUE No. 22 (Code A022)

THE RESCUE OF MUSSOLINI - The liberation of the Italian dictator from Ponza by Otto Skorzeny. Crime in WWII - The Mutiny at Bamber Bridge - The mutiny in this north of England town in 1943 researched by Dr Ken Werrell. Wreck Recovery - The Mountain Rescue Service - Its role in WWII and beyond described by David J. Smith. Where Are They Now? - Guns of the Great - Famous weapons belonging to wartime personalities.

Issue 23

ISSUE No. 23 (Code A023)
CORREGIDOR William Bartsch visits the 'fortress of the east' - Corregidor of Eternal Memory, Caballo Island, Corregidor, El Fraile. War Film - MacArthur - Richard Zanuck's movie, made in 1977, depicting the career of General Douglas MacArthur described by Larry H. Suid. Preservation - The Marine Corps Aviation Museum - Situated in Quantico, Virginia. Wreck Recovery - Tank recovery at Dunkirk - The excavation of a Cruiser Mk III buried on the beach since 1940. Crime in WWII - Battle of Britain Investigation - The fate of the crew of Leutnant Albert Metzger's Heinkel on a south coast beach.

Issue 24

ISSUE No. 24 (Code A024)

THE ASSASSINATION OF REINHARD HEYDRICH Czechoslovakia, The Assassination, Escape to Martyrdom, The Judas Iscariot of WWII, The Seven fight it out, The Retribution. War Film - It's all a Game - The film made by the British World War II Re-enactment Society. Wreck Recovery - 1978 Sikorski Sequel - The search for wreckage of Sikorski's Liberator. Preservation - The River Maas Buffalo - Recovery of an LVT II from the River Maas in Belgium.

Issue 25

ISSUE No. 25 (Code A025)

THE LADY BE GOOD - The search and investigation into the fate of this famous B-24. From the Editor - A round up of the first 25 issues of After the Battle. Preservation - Tank destroyer restoration - Peter Gray's restoration of an M10 from Pounds scrapyard.