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Issues 26-50

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ISSUE No. 26 (Code A026)

THE DEATH RAILWAY - Guide to the Death Railway - Kevin Patience describes the construction of the Thailand to Burma Railway. It Happened Here - SOE Operation Pimento - Jean Paul Pallud tells the story of an SOE Halifax lost on an operation to France in August 1943. America's Unknown Soldiers - World War I, World War II and Korea. Preservation - SOE Hudson in Luxembourg - A unique wartime memorial near Maulusmillen.

Issue 26

ISSUE No. 27 (Code A027)

DACHAU - Andrew Mollo's detailed account of the Bavarian Concentration Camp. It Happened Here - The Webling Incident - The killing of Waffen SS near Dachau. Wreck Recovery - Epping Forest Ju 88 - The excavation of a Ju88 from 6/LG1 shot down north of London. Crime in WWII - The 10th Replacement Depot at Lichfield - Richard Suskind describes Lieutenant Colonel Kilian's notorious barracks in Staffordshire.

Issue 28

ISSUE No. 28 (Code A028)

OPERATION 'JERICHO' - THE AMIENS RAID - The Fliers, The Resistance, The Raid led by Wing Commander Charles Pickard as told by John Reed. Norway - The saga of a lost German bomber - The discovery in 1973 of Ju 88 SJ+CN of KG 4 by the Norwegian Aviation Historical Society by A. R. Chapman and Bjorn Olsen. Japan - Pacific War recovery - T. Murashima tells the story of the recovery of a Kawanishi Shiden-kai in Hido Bay in southern Japan. England - Turncoat 109 - Andy Saunders recounts the history of Hauptmann Rolf Pingel's Messerschmitt downed in July, 1941 and subsequently flown and crashed by the RAF. Australia - Air-raid on Broome - Stan Gadja investigates the wreck's surviving from the Japanese air attack on this Australian town in March, 1942. Germany - Death of the Prinz Eugen - The rise and fall of the famous heavy cruiser destroyed by the Bikini atomic bomb test in July 1946 by Harold Fowler.

Issue 29

ISSUE No. 29 (Code A029)

THE CROSS-CHANNEL GUNS A detailed look at the British and German long-range artillery as researched by John Reed: Part I The Kentish Heavies, Part II: The Pas de Calais.

Issue 30

ISSUE No. 30 (Code A030)

MASSACRE AT BANDE - The killing of 33 Belgian's in the small Belgian village in September 1944. War Film - Angels One Five - The first post-war film produced with the Battle of Britain as its central theme. It Happened Here - The Last Flight of the only Battle of Britain VC - The death of James Nicolson off Calcutta in May 1945 told by Andy Saunders. Preservation - The Jeremiah O'Brien - The construction and preservation of this famous Liberty Ship. Wreck Recovery - Wartime Wrecks on St. Kilda - John C. Barry investigates the crashes of the Sunderland at Gleann Mhor, The Beaufighter on Conachair, Wellington on Soay. United Kingdom - Death of an Aerodrome - The end of RAF Hornchurch. Artwork of the Eighth - Wartime paintings at Eighth Air Force Bases in England described by Steve Gotts.

Issue 31

ISSUE No. 31 (Code A031)

SINGAPORE - Kevin Patience describes the battle for this vital British outpost in 1942 and what now remains. Crime in WWII - Nazi Gold - Investigation into the largest robbery ever - the reputed theft of the German National Gold Reserves by US Military Personnel. From the Editor - readers' letters and follow-up stories on previous issues.

Issue 32

ISSUE No. 32 (Code A032)

OPERATION 'AMBASSADOR Command Raid on Guernsey in July 1940. Wreck Recovery - Calais Spitfire - Andy Saunders describes the preservation tragedy of Pilot Officer Peter Cazenove's MKI Spitfire on the beach near Calais. It Happened Here - Ascension Island - Jeff Cant looks at the wartime installations on this south Atlantic island. Crime in WWII - The Execution of Eddie Slovik - The trial and execution of the first American soldier accused of desertion of duty. Iceland - Norwegian Northrop - The recovery and preservation of an N-3PB of No. 330 Squadron lost in August 1942 investigated by Bjorn Olsen. Preservation - Belgian Tank Museum - Georges Mazy visits the new museum opened in May 1980.

Issue 33

ISSUE No. 33 (Code A033)

ST. MALO - The bitter battle for this French Channel port in August 1944 Cezembre - The German fortress island pulverised during the battle Preservation - Spur Battery dismantled - Terry Gander describes the move of a 9.2-inch gun from Gibraltar to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. Sequel - The Commandos Return - After the Battle take Fred Drain and Bruce Ogden Smith to the scenes of their wartime raids on Guernsey.

Issue 34

ISSUE No. 34 (Code A034)

THE G.I.s IN NORTHERN IRELAND Ian Henderson discusses the role of the United States Army, The United States Army Air Force, The United States Navy and tours the province which saw the arrival of the first US troops in January 1942. . Preservation - Salvaging the D-Day Beaches - The recovery's by Jacques Lemonchois and Jean Demota off Normandy. Wreck Recovery - Wreck Recovery in 1940 - The story of the removal and salvage of crashed aircraft in by No. 49 NU at Faygate, Sussex, described by Andy Saunders.

Issue 35

ISSUE No. 35 (Code A035)

ADOLF HITLER'S STAATSKAROSSE - Ludwig Kosche describes the history of the vehicle displayed in the Canadian War Museum. From the Editor - readers' letters and follow-up stories on previous issues. Readers' Investigations -Gary Emms investigates the Heinkel which crashed in Newport Monmouthshire on September 12/13, 1940. War Film - Reach for the Sky - Trevor Popple's detailed account of the making of this 1955 biopic featuring Kenneth More as the legless RAF Ace Douglas Bader.

Issue 36

ISSUE No. 36 (Code A036)

THE ASSAULT ON WALCHEREN - John Reed tells the story of the Allied Plan to breach the dykes in Operation 'Infatuate'. Wreck Discovery - WWI Medway U-Boats - Pat O'Driscoll visits the wrecks of two First World War U-Boats in the River Medway. Where Are They Now? - Operation 'Deadlight' - The sinking of 110 submarines from the German Navy in the north Atlantic in 1945/46. Preservation - The Story of the U995 - Lionel Hillyer describes the history of the submarine captured at Trondheim, Norway and now on display at the German Naval Memorial at Laboe.

Issue 37

ISSUE No. 37 (Code A037)

BREAKING ENIGMA - The story about breaking the German codes - My Secret Life with Ultra - by former WREN Diana Payne. The Battle of the Bulge - An introduction by Jean Paul Pallud to his book The Battle of the Bulge Then and Now. Wreck Recovery - Portsmouth Graveyard - Pounds scrapyard at Portsmouth. It Happened Here - The Death of the Duke of Kent - The fatal crash of Sunderland W4026 in August 1942 in Scotland investigated by David J. Smith. Preservation - Fort Velsen Dismantled - Removal of an armoured Cupola from the fort near Amsterdam for preservation. Readers' Investigations - Saltram House - Wartime tree carvings in this stately home near Plymouth discovered by Leonard A. Flood. United Kingdom - London's Wartime Headquarters - John Reed's coverage of the buildings used by the Governments of the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Canada and United States forces in London. Crime in WWII - The Killing of Guardsman Fox - The death of a Grenadier Guardsman, stabbed near the Snappy Snax Cafe in Eastbourne in July 1944, investigated by Andy Saunders.

Issue 38

ISSUE No. 38 (Code A038)

PEARL HARBOR - THEN AND NOW - Andrew P. Hyde visits Hawaii and tells the story of its Discovery and Development, Japan's Rise to Power, Operation Z - Pearl Harbor Plan, Countdown to Disaster, The Attack, Kaneohe, Hickam, Wheeler, Bellows, Schofield, Aftermath, Salvaging the Fleet, The USS Utah, The USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor Today.

Issue 39

ISSUE No. 39 (Code A039)

THE DEATH OF AIR CHIEF MARSHAL LEIGH-MALLORY - Denis C. Bateman's detailed account of the crash of Avro York MW126 in the French Alps in November, 1944 and its discovery in June 1945. It Happened Here - TV Pictures from Occupied Paris - A little-known episode describing the monitoring of German television signals by a British cliff-top receiving station by Michael Ockenden. Readers' Investigations - Finland 1939-40 - The Raate Road - Finnish defences of the Mannerheim Line against a Russian invasion are explored by Deryk E. Wakem. Wreck Recovery - Dinah Recovery in Western Australia - The wreckage of a Japanese aircraft shot down in July, 1944 discovered by Stan Gajda. From the Editor - readers' letters and follow-up stories on previous issues.

Issue 40

ISSUE No. 40 (Code A040)

BUDAPEST - Jean Paul Pallud recounts the background to Operation 'Margarethe', and tells the story of the Operation and its Aftermath, including Operation 'Panzerfaust'. War Film - The Battle of the River Plate - The making of the 1956 movie described by Trevor Popple. Preservation - The Graf Spee - What now remains of the German Pocket Battleship? It Happened Here - Night Solo to Eternity - Denis C. Bateman investigates the fatal crash of Blenheim L6724 soon after take-off from Croydon airport. Crime in WWII - The Death of Joachim Peiper - Accident or murder? The mysterious end of the famous SS Commander.

Issue 41

ISSUE No. 41 (Code A041)

THE ATOMIC BOMB - The Manhattan Project, Oak Ridge, Hanford, Los Alamos, Trinity, Wendover, Tinian, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, In after years. Preservation - The Enola Gay - The history of the B-29 which carried the atomic bomb to Hiroshima by Larry Suid. It Happened Here - One night . . . one Lancaster - The crash of Lancaster EB928 of No. 97 Squadron in Utrecht in June, 1943 recounted by J. C. Maarschalkerweerd. Readers' Investigations - Forty years on - The story of No. 39 Service Flying Training School at Swift Current, Canada explained by Donald Russell.

Issue 42

ISSUE No. 42 Code (A042)

THE BATTLE FOR AACHEN - The Southern Advance, Attack from the North, Assault on the City. Wreck Recovery - The First of The Many - The first German aircraft to crash on Briitsh soil in the Second World War was the KG26 Heinkel down on October 28, 1939. Andy Saunders investigates. PACIFIC - Wake - The capture of Wake Island in December, 1941. It Happened Here - Disaster at Antwerp - Achiel Rely examines the abortive attack by US Liberators on the ERLA Works at Mortsel, Belgium on April 5, 1943.

Issue 43

ISSUE No. 43 (Code A043)

THE BATTLE FOR OKINAWA - The story of the invasion of the Japanes-held Island of Okinawa in April, 1945, and the bloody battle in which over a quarter of a million soldiers and civilians died. A Marine Returns - Charles Leonard, a member of the First Marine division makes a personal pilgrimage to Okinawa in 1983.

Issue 44

ISSUE No. 44 (Code A044)

THE OTHER D-DAYS - The Slapton Assualt Training Area in Devon used for the training exercises prior to the invasion of Normandy. Wreck Recovery - A Relic of the Long Range Desert Group - The recovery of a Chevrolet WA f133 30 cwt truck from the western desert as told by Jim Patch. Norway - Batterie Austrat - The German batterie on the coast of Troendelag in central Norway which mounted guns from the Gneisenau. It Happened Here - Hermann Göring - The capture of the Reichsmarschall by the Americans at Fischhorn Castle in Austria on May 8, 1945. Readers' Investigation - Hermann Göring - his Suicide - Ben Swearingen investigates the suspicious death while in custody in Nuremberg. Preservation - Hermann Göring - his Military Memorabilia - Andrew Mollo examines the personal memorabilia from his Field Marshal's baton to the Reichsmarschall's underpants!!.

Issue 45

ISSUE No. 45 (Code A045)

TELEMARK RE-CREATED - Operation 'Freshman' - The Norwegian raid on the heavy water installation at the Norsk Hydro Electrisk plant at Vermork told by Lieutenant Colonel Ivar Hellberg including the Re-enactment of the 'Heavy Water' raid forty years later by members of the 3rd Commando Brigade, Royal Marines. War Film - The Heroes of Telemark - Trevor Popple describes the making of the 1965 movie. Wreck Recovery - The Tank that Missed D-Day - Steve Casely watches the recovery of a DD Sherman which had sunk off the coast of south Devon in April, 1944. It Happened Here - Ordensburg Vogelsang - The School For Fuhrer's near the Urft Dam by the Belgian border researched by Melvyn Baker. Preservation - Surveying the Arizona - Diving on the American battleship sunk on December 7, 1941 by John Martini. Crime in WWII - D-Day's most Ignominious Casualty - Gunner Ernest Kemp, hung in Wandsworth Prison on June 6, 1944 for the murder of WAAF Miriam Deeley.

Issue 46

ISSUE No. 46 (Code A046)

THE BATTLE OF HONG KONG - Brigadier G. C. Johnson covers the Strategic Background, The British Forces, The Defence Plan, The Japanese, The Invasion Begins, The Covering Force, The Shingmun Redoubt, The Fight for Golden Hill, The Landings, The Wong Nei Chong Gap, Repulse Bay, The Final Phase, Hong Kong Today. Wreck Recovery - Churchill Recovery - A Churchill MKII of C Squadron, 9th Batallion Royal Tank Regiment, recovered from Stainburn Moor Forest told by Bob Grundy. It Happened Here - Adversaries Meet Again - Hauptmann Herbert Ihlefeld and Sergeant Howard Squire meet again near Calais where the latter was shot down in February, 1941 - Gordon Ramsey tells the story. Readers' Investigations - The Drive on Prüm - Professor Frank T. Edwards follows the battle for this German village in February, 1945. Special - Gunners Turn the Clock Back - Commemoration of the first shot of the 1914-18 war by 'E' Battery, 1st Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery watched by Nigel Sergeant.

Issue 47

ISSUE No. 47 (Code A047)

OPERATION 'MERKUR', THE GERMAN INVASION OF CRETE - Jean Paul Pallud's detailed account covers the First Wave, The Second Wave, The Failure of the Seaborne Reinforcement, The Deciding Phase, The Pursuit Eastwards, The Evacuation, Crete Today. It Happened Here - The Kidnapping of General Kreipe - The successful capture of the German Commander on Crete in April, 1944. Readers' Investigations - The Granville Raid - The surprise attack by German Naval Forces on the American-held French port in February, 1945 detailed by Michael Ginns.

Issue 48

ISSUE No. 48 (Code A048)

GERMANY SURRENDERS - Surrender of Gruppe Elster; Unconditional Surrender; Caserta, Italy; Lüneburg, Germany; Innsbruck, Austria; Baldham, Germany; Wageningen, Netherlands; Reims, France; Berlin, Germany; The Channel Islands; Lorient, France; St Nazaire, France; Dunkirk, France. It Happened Here - Michael Wittmann's Last Battle - SS-Hauptsturmführer Michael Wittmann was missing in action in August, 1944. In 1982 Jean Paul Pallud pinpointed the wartime field grave by the side of the road at Gaumesnil.

Issue 49

ISSUE No. 49 (Code A049)

EUROPE'S LAST VC - Guardsman Edward Charlton fought the battle which earned him the posthumous award of the Victoria Cross at Wistedt in northern Germany in April 1945. It Happened Here - Incident at Imber - The horrendous accidental machine-gunning of a spectator stand during a live-firing demonstration on Salisbury Plain in April 1942 described by Denis C. Bateman. War Crime - The Ascq Massacre The murder of civilians by 12. SS-Panzer-Division in this Belgian village in March 1944 by Dr Jean-Marie Mocq. Wreck Recovery - A Lonely Grave on Ben More Assynt - David J. Smith tells the story of the commemoration to crew of Anson N9857 lost on a training flight on April 13, 1941.

Issue 50

ISSUE No. 50 (Code A050)

THE SOVIET VICTORY IN EUROPE - Andrew Mollo visits Moscow and Minsk during the 40th anniversary celebrations. From The Editor - readers' letters and follow-up stories on previous issues. It Happened Here - The Japanese Surrender - Coverage of the many formal Japanese surrenders including the ceremony aboard the Missouri on September 2, 1945 by Major-General Edward Fursdon. Readers' Investigations - Fallingbostel - Captain John Russell's feature in memory of Captain Guy Waller, who researched the history of the former Wehrmacht barracks at this northern German town.