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THE BATTLE FOR AACHEN. Wreck   Recovery - The First of The Many.PACIFIC - Wake - The capture of   Wake Island in December, 1941. It Happened Here - Disaster at Antwerp.

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THE BATTLE FOR AACHEN - The   Southern Advance, Attack from the North, Assault on the City. Wreck   Recovery - The First of The Many - The first German aircraft to crash on   Briitsh soil in the Second World War was the KG26 Heinkel down on October 28,   1939. Andy Saunders investigates. PACIFIC - Wake - The capture of   Wake Island in December, 1941. It Happened Here - Disaster at Antwerp   - Achiel Rely examines the abortive attack by US Liberators on the ERLA Works   at Mortsel, Belgium on April 5, 1943.

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