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  • NORMANDY- Personality - Colonel James Stewart. Preservation - Joe Lyndhurst Collection. United Kingdom - Cabinet War Rooms. War Film - Battle of Britain. Wreck Recovery - Wreck investigation in the Welsh Mountains. It Happened Here - Oradour sur Glane. See full description.  

  • ARNHEM. Nuremberg. Personality - Major Glenn Miller. Preservation - Royal Small Arms Pattern Room. United Kingdom & War Film - The escapes of Franz von Werra. Wreck Recovery - Raising   the XE8. See full descriprion.  

  • THE RUHR DAMS RAID.  DUNKIRK.  Personality & War Film - Lieutenant Audie Murphy and the film To Hell and Back. England - Post-war Bomb and mine Disposal in England. Preservation - Mementos of the Mighty. Wreck Recovery - Capture of the U-505. See full description.

  • THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE. Personality -   Lieutenant-Colonel David Niven. Preservation - Battle of Britain Memorial   Flight. England - Britain's offshore forts. War Film - The Longest Day. Wreck Recovery - Brenzett Museum. See full description.

  • DIEPPE . Personality - Lieutenant Richard   Todd. Preservation - Adolf Hitler's Mercedes-Benz. Special - Return to Normandy. It Happened Here - Fort Eben-Emael. See full description.

  • THE V-WEAPONS . Personality - Captain Douglas Fairbanks. England - The Unknown   Warrior.  Wreck Recovery - Heinkel He 111E recovery from Norway. See full description.

  • THE LAST DAYS OF MUSSOLINI . Personality - Admiral of the Fleet Prince Philip. Preservation -   Keele Air Photo Library. England - Patton at Knutsford. War Film - The Photography of Patton. Wreck Recovery - P-47 Thunderbolt Recovery in Lancashire in 1973. It Happened Here - The   Death of George S. Patton. Where Are They Now? - Patton's vehicles. See full...

  • THE BATTLE OF THE FALAISE POCKET . Preservation - The   Confederate Air Force.  Wreck   Recovery - The Roudeix Collection. It Happpened Here - Rommel's Accident. Where Are They Now? - Admiral Yamamoto and   his G4M 'Betty'. See full description.

  • OBERSALZBERG. Where Are They Now? -   Göring's 'Vermeer'. Personality - Lieutenant John F. Kennedy. War Film - PT-109.  Preservation - Overloon. It Happened Here - Hitler at Landsberg.  

  • MALTA. It Happened Here - The Italian Naval Attack   on Grand Harbour.  Preservation - The Malta   Scene. Personality - Flight Lieutenant Ian Smith. War Film - The Dam Busters 1975 sequel. Wreck Recovery  - The Battle of  Britain Museum, the Essex Historical Aircraft Society 35th Anniversary excavation. See full description.

Showing 1 - 10 of 179 items