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  • GERMAN SPIES IN BRITAIN First   World War, Second World War, Table of Double agents, The unlucky sixteen, Jan   Willem Ter Braak. It Happened Here - The Venlo Incident. Preservation - The Australian Military Vehicle Collectors' Society. Wreck Recovery - Shipwrecks. Personality - Major Clark Gable. War Film - Vera, the   Beautiful Spy. See full description.

  • THE VOLKSWAGEN STORY.  Personality - Lieutenant-Commander   Peter Scott. Preservation - America's Preserved Warships.  Wreck Recovery -   Wreckology in Holland.  United Kingdom - The Secret Underground Railway Executive H.Q. War Film - It Happened Here. It Happened Here - The Battle of Takrouna. See full description.

  • THE BATTLES FOR CASSINO . Cassino Battlefield Tour. Personality - Oberjäger Max   Schmeling.  United   States - The WWII Historical Re-enactment Society. Wreck Recovery -   Polish Hurricane at Loughton, Essex. Preservation - The Royal   Artillery Quad.  It Happened Here -   The Bruneval Raid. See full description.

  • PARIS - The Surrender, The   Armistice, Hitler in Paris, The Occupation, The Battle of Paris, The Liberation, Victory! It Happened Here - Himmler's Suicide. United Kingdom - British Invasion   Defences of WWII. Preservation - War Graves. See full description.

  • TARAWA AND OPERATION GALVANIC -  Funafuti Atoll, Nukufetau Atoll, Nanomea Atoll,   Tarawa Atoll, Makin Atoll, Abemama Atoll. War Film - The Battle of   Midway. Personality - Major Anthony Quayle. It   Happened Here - Massacre at Le Paradis.  Wreck Recovery - AVRE at Graye-sur-Mer. See full description.

  • CROSSING THE RHINE.  War Film - The Bridge at Remagen. Wreck Recovery - The Swedish Hampden. It Happened Here - The   CDLs of Lowther Castle. See full description.

  • HIMMLER'S SECRET GRAVE REVISITED.  It   Happened Here - Prelude to Operation Market Garden. War Film - A Bridge Too Far Wreck Recovery - The Search for the X5. Personality - Lieutenant Kenneth More. England - German Prisoners-of-War in England. See full description.

  • THE BATTLE FOR SAN PIETRO.  War Film - Mosquito Film Stars. Wreck Discovery -   The Wartime Solomons.  United Kingdom - Largest Wartime Explosions. It Happened   Here - Crossing the Seine at Vernon. Preservation - RMASC Centaur. See full description.


  • THE DEATH OF GENERAL SIKORSKI. War Film - Twelve o'clock High.  Personality - Lieutenant General Moshe Dayan. Preservation -   Monty's Wartime Caravans.  It Happened Here - Airfield Construction in Holland.  Wreck Recovery - Scrapyard Panther.  United Kingdom - Fairchild   UC-61K Argus 43-15025. See full description.

Showing 11 - 20 of 179 items