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  • THE WAR IN GIBRALTAR - Historical Background, Construction of the Airfield, The Tunnels, Operation   'Felix' - the Invasion of Gibraltar, Gibraltar at war, The Italian Underwater   attacks against Gibraltar.

  • THE RESCUE OF MUSSOLINI.  Crime in   WWII - The Mutiny at Bamber Bridge. Wreck Recovery - The   Mountain Rescue Service. Where Are They Now? - Guns of the Great - Famous weapons   belonging to wartime personalities See full description.

  • CORREGIDOR. War Film - MacArthur. Preservation - The Marine Corps Aviation Museum. Wreck Recovery - Tank recovery at   Dunkirk.  Crime in WWII - Battle of Britain Investigation - The fate   of the crew of Leutnant Albert Metzger's Heinkel on a south coast   beach. See full description.

  • THE ASSASSINATION OF REINHARD   HEYDRICH. War   Film - It's all a Game. Wreck Recovery - 1978 Sikorski Sequel. Preservation - The River   Maas Buffalo. See full description

  • THE LADY BE GOOD - The search   and investigation into the fate of this famous B-24. From the Editor - A round up of the first 25 issues of After the Battle. Preservation -   Tank destroyer restoration - Peter Gray's restoration of an M10 from Pounds   scrapyard.

  • THE DEATH RAILWAY - Guide to the   Death Railway.  It Happened Here - SOE Operation Pimento. America's Unknown Soldiers.  Preservation - SOE Hudson in Luxembourg See full description.

  • DACHAU. It Happened Here - The Webling Incident. Wreck   Recovery - Epping Forest Ju 88. Crime in WWII - The 10th Replacement Depot at   Lichfield.   See full description.

  • OPERATION 'JERICHO' - THE AMIENS   RAID.  Norway - The saga of a lost German bomber. Japan -   Pacific War recovery.  England -   Turncoat 109. Australia - Air-raid on Broome. Germany - Death of the Prinz Eugen. See full description.

  • THE CROSS-CHANNEL GUNS A   detailed look at the British and German long-range artillery as researched by   John Reed: Part I The Kentish Heavies, Part II: The Pas de Calais.

  • MASSACRE AT BANDE. War   Film - Angels One Five.  It Happened Here - The Last Flight   of the only Battle of Britain VC. Preservation - The Jeremiah   O'Brien.  Wreck Recovery - Wartime Wrecks on St. Kilda.   United Kingdom - Death of an Aerodrome. Artwork of the Eighth. See full description.

Showing 21 - 30 of 179 items