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ISSUE No. 164

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THE SARAJEVO ASSASSINATION, The Woolwich Arsenal Parachute Mine, The First to be Killed in Action.

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THE SARAJEVO ASSASSINATION - Karel Margry describes the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914. An event which precipitated a political and military crisis between the Austro-Hungarian dual monarchy and the neighbouring Kingdom of Serbia, which within a month mushroomed into the catastrophe of the First World War. The Woolwich Arsenal Parachute Mine - In the summer of 1941, Royal Engineer bomb disposal companies were called in to give assistance to the Navy in the recovery of one of the Thames Haven mines. Chris Ransted tells us the story in full detail. The First to be Killed in Action - Jean Paul Pallud traces the places and identities of the first men to be killed in both World Wars with an amazing revelation concerning the first soldier to be killed in the Second World War.

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