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ISSUE No. 44

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THE OTHER D-DAYS. Wreck Recovery - A Relic of the Long Range   Desert Group. Norway - Batterie Austrat. It Happened Here - Hermann Göring.  Readers' Investigation - Hermann Göring - his   Suicide. Preservation - Hermann Göring - his Military   Memorabilia.

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THE OTHER D-DAYS - The Slapton   Assualt Training Area in Devon used for the training exercises prior to the   invasion of Normandy. Wreck Recovery - A Relic of the Long Range   Desert Group - The recovery of a Chevrolet WA f133 30 cwt truck from the   western desert as told by Jim Patch. Norway - Batterie Austrat - The German batterie on the coast of Troendelag in central Norway which   mounted guns from the Gneisenau. It Happened Here - Hermann Göring - The capture of the Reichsmarschall by the Americans at Fischhorn Castle in   Austria on May 8, 1945. Readers' Investigation - Hermann Göring - his   Suicide - Ben Swearingen investigates the suspicious death while in custody   in Nuremberg. Preservation - Hermann Göring - his Military   Memorabilia - Andrew Mollo examines the personal memorabilia from his Field   Marshal's baton to the Reichsmarschall's underpants!!.

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